Jan 30

QuasiDisk, $1.99 AppStore app, has a hidden feature, you can tether 3G internet with it!!. Simply start QuasiDisk FTP server on port 5100, connect it adhoc to mac or PC, and add SOCKS and HTTP proxy settings to the computer on ports 5050 for SOCKS and 6666 for HTTP proxy. Voila! » QuasiDisk Sneaks Into The App Store & Allows Tethering Via Proxy

Jul 23

Two days ago people started noticing that the App “Handy Light” is actually more than just another flashlight app. It turned out that there was a hidden application inside Handy Light that made it possible to tether your iPhone with your computer. That’s right, you could buy the app for just 99 cents and you get a free tethering app with it. Its weird Apple didn’t notice that in the approval process but ones Apple found out, they removed it immediately. Did you had the change to download the app? And if so, will you use the hidden tethering app? » Handy Lights Tethering App – Removed!

Mar 23

tetheringWeb developer Jake Marsh made a nice guide on how to to activate internet tethering on the iPhone 3.0. The guide is only for those who live in US and with an AT&T contract.
» iPhone 3.0: How to enable Internet Tethering

Mar 18

145635-tether2_220iPhone developer Steve Troughton managed to activate the tethering preferences while playing with the new iPhone OS. He was also able to actually tether his iPhone 3G to his laptop over USB. Based on the preference panel, it appears that you will be able to tether via USB or Bluetooth.
» USB Tethering working with iPhone 3.0

Nov 07

In a recent interview, Ralph De La Vega, AT&T Mobility CEO, admitted that an official tethering plan which allow you of using the iPhone as a 3G modem for a laptop is on the way “soon”.
» AT&T Official tethering plan coming soon??