Jun 13

T(ether) is a novel spatially aware display that supports intuitive interaction with volumetric data. The display acts as a window affording users a perspective view of three- dimensional data through tracking of head position and orientation. T(ether) creates a 1:1 mapping between real and virtual coordinate space allowing immersive exploration of the joint domain. Our system creates a shared workspace in which co-located or remote users can collaborate in both the real and virtual worlds. » T(ether) – a Spatially- and Body-Aware Window for Collaborative Editing and Animation of 3D Virtual Objects

Sep 25

Not long ago the application Netshare was released in the App Store. Not very long after, the same application got removed from the app store due to legal issues with AT&T. Another company that was awaiting approvment of their internet sharing app, PdaNet, is June Fabric. June Fabric’s official statement was:
» Cydia – PDANET iPhone (tether your laptop/pc to your iPhone)

Aug 01

The NetShare application released by nullriver yesterday is back up in the App Store. Here is the previous post covering the application.

Jul 22

I’ve had some people ask me what’s the way to tether your iPhone 3G so you can use your high-speed data connection on the road. Apple and AT&T do not condone that you use your iPhone 3G as a laptop modem but i’ll give you q quick rundown.
» How To Tether iPhone 3G