Sep 16

500x_mac-tablet-concept-2A new report from Taiwan Economic News revives rumor discussions by claiming that Apple’s tablet computer will launch in February 2010 at a price point between $799 and $999.

» Again New Rumors About Possible Mac Tablet

Aug 28

Gizmodo reports about the tablet computer from Apple to not only come in a 10-inch version but a 13-, and 15-inch version as well. According to their source one or more of the tablets will run Mac OS X. The source has been “100% reliable” before, says Gizmodo. » Tablet To Come In Three Flavours…10-, 13- and 15-Inch?

Aug 25

The Wall Street Journal reports that Steve Jobs has been focusing almost exclusively on Apple’s much-anticipated tablet computer since his late June return from a medical leave of absence for a liver transplant. The report notes that employees who had become accustomed to a certain level of freedom in their work during Jobs’ leave of absence have found his close attention to even the minutiae of the project “jarring”. » Steve Jobs Focused On Tablet Project

Aug 19

In a report on the increasing hype surrounding tablet computers focused on Apple’s much-anticipated tablet offerings, BusinessWeek cites market researcher Richard Doherty, who claims that Apple has developed two protoype tablet computers: one essentially an oversized iPod touch carrying a 6-inch screen and a second one with a larger screen.

» Two Apple Tablets Coming, Analyst Says!

Aug 07

093359-muster_tablet_mockup_500Fortune summarizes a research report from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who thinks Apple could sell two million of its rumored tablet computer in 2010 at $600 each. He also shows a mockup of what he thinks the device will look like (see picture above). » Analyst Gene Munster And His Thoughts About Mac Tablet

Jul 25

apple tablet

AppleInsider reports Apple is aiming for early 2010 release of the much rumored tablet computer. The picture shown above is an artist rendition but looks very cool to me. What kind of possibilities will you have with a jumbo iPod Touch?

» Apple Tablet In Early 2010?

Dec 09

This theme is Really cool! It has a wooden background With wooden Picture like icons “Hung” on the Wall, now i say that because there is a nail that is on the Picture Frames on the icons. Now for the most part the icons are the same, but some have changed. I have Censored the Carrier Name, not cause its bad or anything, It just says someone’s name :) The theme won’t actually change the Carrier. The other thing that changes is the Slider. It becomes a Wooden arrow. This theme really is worth getting. But as for me, i think I’m gonna stick with the illuminated Theme  The Tutorial on how to get this theme below. (Winterboard is needed) » Cydia – TABLET (Theme)

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