Sep 23

Information Appliance Associates today announced the release of the PocketMac for iPhone, the first and only Macintosh tool that gives iPhone users new bold options for synching. This new tool offers powerful sync options for users of Entourage, Meeting Maker and Lotus Notes, such as category selection. Users can sync contacts and calendars from any of these three applications and select only the categories of their data they’d like synched.
» PocketMac for the iPhone (sync with Entourage, Lotus Notes, or Meeting Maker..)

Sep 22

Normally, when my iPhone is syncing, it displays the Sync in Progress screen with the Slide to Cancel slider. Well, sometimes, my iPhone remains totally normal while it’s syncing. Just now, I was syncing Crash Bandicoot onto it, and the display remained normal, and my iPhone retained all functionality. The icon just appeared on the screen when it was finished syncing it. » iPhone display remains normal while syncing

May 20

And another update today.
this time we have NemuSync, the app that lets you sync your iPhone calendar with Google Calendar.
What changed in the new version?
* Support One way sync : Can Upload/Download only
* support firmware 1.1.1/1.1.2 : Testing and not confirmed yet
* fix AllDay Event bug : Testing and not confirmed yet
* fix quoted event title bug: [“:’]things : Testing and not confirmed yet
* Can select “NO Default Calendar”
» NemuSync 0.5.4b2

May 16

NemuSync is a new app that i found. It let’s you synch your iPhone or Ipod Touch calendar with the online Google Calendar.

The following features are already implemented and the developer is going to ad a whole lot more:

– sync iphone calendar with google calendar over the air.
– sync multiple google accounts
– sync multiple calendars
» Sync your iPhone calendar to Google calendar with NemuSync

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