Sep 25

sygStill searching for the right GPS navigation application? There’s a lot of choice: TomTom, Navigon, iGo and probably more. But maybe Sygic is the app you need. It reduced the European price to €59,99. And a new update came in that polished the app nicely. There seems to be no lag anymore.

» Sygic Updated Their App & Lowered European Price

Mar 17

iphone_blackSygic unveils Sygic Mobile 2009.Sygic Mobile 2009 features will convert a wide range of mobile phones into fully functioning navigation devices. The new release includes enhanced navigation content and features to enrich the user experience such as safety cameras data, multilingual support for major cities and Online Update Tool, which enables easy downloads for fresh content. The product will be available on SD card, DVD or even by internet download.
» Sygic unveils Sygic Mobile 2009 for the iPhone 3G