Sep 28

Netflix released an update to its iOS app to support iOS 6 and the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen. They also added improved browsing, searching and watching experience. Netflix is a very popular iPhone app, which provides services for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. » Netflix For iOS Updated With iOS 6 & iPhone 5 Widescreen Support

Apr 11

AirFrame instantly expands the functionality of Apple’s AirPlay by making it possible to stream photos, youtube videos, and other video content between iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad). Why crash the party, spoil the private joke, or hog the AppleTV when you can subtly stream videos and selections from your photo library directly to your friend’s iOS device? » AirFrame Enables AirPlay Video & Photo Streaming Between iOS Devices

Mar 06

ustreambroadcast1Remember the early days of the Internet, when someone would point a webcam at, say, a computer lab and capture a new frame every minute or so, and everyone just had to check it out? represents such a quantum leap forward, it’s hard to believe we ever thought that was cool. This free service lets anyone with a notebook, webcam or now with a smartphone, and an Internet connection broadcast live, real-time video from just about anywhere. It’s amazingly practical, more than a little fun, and quite possibly a revolution in broadcasting.
» Cydia – UstreamBroadcaster

Nov 07

OrbLive was already available through installer, but after a long waiting time it finally made his entrance to the App Store. For those who don’t know the app, OrbLive allows you to stream all your music, video’s, pictures and live TV from anywhere in the world,and this via Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge.
» App Store – OrbLive (watching live TV)

Oct 21

Digg Founder Kevin Rose posted a new video where he shows the future version of Qik that should hit the App Store very soon. Qik is a native iPhone client, where you can stream video live over Wifi or 3G connection and is currently only available with a jailbroken iPhone.
» Qik available through to the App Store??

Aug 15

Simplify Media, a newly released app store application, allows you to stream your music from your Mac or PC to your iPhone over WiFi, 3G, or EDGE. but grab it quick because this thing is only available for free for the first 100,00 downloads. after that it will cost you 3.99$. read on for features. » Your iTunes playlist now streamed to your iPhone over WiFi, 3G, or EDGE