Dec 21

If you are involved in an Internet business, or just curious about where the Internet is heading, this infographic will interest you. “The Seven Shocking Stats & Trends about the Internet” infographic is about major trends that are likely to make an impact in the next few years. Check it out after the break. » 7 Shocking Stats & Trends About The Internet [Infographic]

Dec 28

The next web reports that the daily download figures in the Apple App Store increased by 87 percent on Christmas Day 2012 and the daily revenues showed a slightly lower increase of 70 percent. Of course this has to do with the fact that people give a lot of iOS presents in the holidays. The iPad was a very popular gift, since iPad apps saw an increase in downloads of 140 percent. Also iTunes gift cards help increasing these numbers. » Apple App Store Downloads Jumped 87% On Christmas Day

Oct 17

TheNextWeb reported that Apple is selling 4 million units of the iPhone 4S in three days and has hit the mark of roughly 16 iPhones sold per second which is 960 iPhone 4S units a minute. These numbers are twice as big as the numbers of iPhone 4 units sold on release day last year. This success is most likely helped by a few factors such as the availability of the iPhone on many more carriers this time around, including Verizon and Sprint in the US. » Apple Is Selling 960 iPhone 4S Units Per Minute: On Track To Become The Fastest Selling Gadget Ever

Aug 09

Apple already released iOS 5 Beta 5, which means that the official version will be released soon. After the break you can see some nice information and stats about the iOS Beta versions since 2008. » iOS Beta Numbers!

Jul 05

If you analyze aggregated cellphone traffic — as researchers at M.I.T., AT&T and I.B.M. did with United Statesdata from July of last year — interesting patterns emerge. Cities become connective hubs as people move to them from nearby counties and from far across the country. As a result, many calls originate and end in cities, connecting urban citizens to their families back home. At the same time, communities emerge that have little to do with geographic boundaries. While some follow state lines, others split states in half or combine them. Check the infographic after the break. » Phone-Call Cartography: Aggregated Cellphone Traffic In United States [infographic]

Jun 01

Steve did it again, Apple announced today that they have sold 2 million iPads in under 60 days. It took only 28 days to sell the first million, and an other month to sell the second million. The iPad passed the 1 million sales milestone faster than the iPhone did. And with the international sales just getting started, “RBC Capital Markets has estimated iPad‘s total shipments to reach 8.13 million units worldwide by the end of the year — which would translate into at least $4 billion of revenue.” But with the 4th-generation iPhone coming this month there is a chance the iPad sales will slow down.

May 15

iPad Video Stats
monitored online video around the Internet and found out that 26 percent of the movies on the web can be played on the iPad because these movies are encoded in H.264 or HTML 5. 26 percent doesn’t sound like that much but just a view months ago “in January” only 10% could be played on the iPad, that’s a pretty big growth. » 26% Of Web Videos Is iPad-Ready