Jan 11

infinidock0Infinidock is a new project by chpwn. It enables you to add up to 10 icons on your dock unlike the normal amount of 4. When you add more then 4 icons you can scroll horizontally through the icons. It is available through Cydia for $0.99, so it can only be used on jailbroken iphones. » Infinidock: Scrolling Dock [Cydia]

Feb 16

stackStroughton Smith is working on the new version of Stack. Stack resembles the functionality of the OS X stack. Check the video for a demo of the upcoming stack to be released in Cydia.
» Cydia – Stack 2.2 new featureds

Sep 29

Well, it’s finally here. Stack 2.0 has been released in Cydia. Stack is an application that mimics the Stack feature in Mac OS X Leopard, making your icons stack up in the dock. So far, it works as advertised, but a few improvments are needed. Overall, however, it proves to be a very useful application. It’s also very user-friendly. » Cydia- Stack 2.0

Sep 24

Some of the iPhoneFreakz readers may remember the application Stack for the iPhone. Steven Troughton Smith, the developer of Stack, updated his blog with the news that Stack will soon be released in Cydia and it will be compatible with firmware 2.X.
» Cydia – Stack coming for firmware 2.+