Apr 19

reported that Apple has begun notifying at least some MobileMe users of a new upgrade program offering a free copy of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Apple is offering MobileMe users without Snow Leopard a free copy (normally $29), so you can upgrade to Lion (you will need to pay $30 to upgrade). Once on Lion, you can ditch MobileMe to start using iCloud. » Apple Giving Away Snow Leopard To MobileMe Customers For Free

Sep 03


Snow Leopard, the new OS X for Mac. The system adds a ton of refinements including better performance, quicker launchtime, new QuickTime Player and much more. It also adds a new virtual keyboard that is so big, it just looks like a touchscreen version. At least it raises new questions of a possible Apple Tablet computer.

» Snow Leopard’s Keyboard Adds To Mac Tablet Rumors

Aug 29

hero-400x200We all know Snow Leopard is available for everybody since Friday. With all the new changes, there could be security changes that prevent people from jailbreaking their iPhone. But, says the Dev Team, don’t worry, the new Mac OS X won’t be a threat to the jailbroken iPhones. It is jailbreak safe, according to the Dev Team.

» Snow Leopard Poses No Threat To Jailbroken iPhones

May 28

wozniak_dv_20090527145455Steve Wozniak is one of the co-founders of Apple. He says Steve Jobs sounds healthy and full of energy. Steve Jobs is on medical leave since January and said his health issues are more complex than I originally thought”. He is expected to return at the end of next month. Steve Wozniak has never directly asked Steve Jobs about his health but is convinced he is not in a health crisis. Or at least not anymore.

» Steve Says Steve Sounds “Healthy And Energetic”

Feb 06

snow-leopardAccording to AppleInsider, the new Mac os X version Snow Leopard will include some nifty features most of us already know from our iPhones. The features rumored to make a jump from the iPhone platform are geographical location based services and multi-touch support.
» Snow Leopard borrowing iPhone features?