Apr 26

One off the questions i hear the most with new iPhone users is, how can we delete individual call entries and sms entries? .

The apple apps don’t support these simple yet needed functions, so today i decided to write a little tool on how to get these functions on your iPhone.

The tool that we are going to install is called WeTool, it let’s you do the following;

-Delete indivudual call history logs.

-Delete individual sms messages

-Send a contact number via sms.

– Save a sms as a notepad file
» Manage your SMS and Calls logs with WeTool 0.3.9

Apr 22

This isn’t breaking news anymore, it has been posted all over the net, nevertheless i do want to keep you informed.

One of the features most of the iPhone users want on their phone is a native instant messaging client.
Yes we have programs like Chat and iJabber, but a native client would be much better, as our jailbreaked app’s can’t keep running in the background (yes they can with another option but let’s discuss that later).
» Apple filed an Instant Messaging Patent

Apr 19

Ringtones 2.85 has just been released.

There aren’t many changes:

– Improved Cutting process
– You can enter start and stop time manually now.
– Improved sanity check

I won’t guide you to the full install i’ll wiat for version 2.90 to do a whole new full review.

You can check my old reviews here, here and here.

I’ve already written a lot about Jamendo Ringtones, just do a quick search on the top right corner of your screen and you’ll find all the posts :)

See more for the screenshots
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.85 released

Apr 19

I came across this new app to backup your iPhone for windows.

It’s called SAFi (Super Archiver For iPhone) and enables you to:

– imports-exports contacts, sms, call history, notes, calendar
– show,group by,filter
-export them to excel,xml, html etc..
-ringtone studio, convert and upload, download, delete ringtone for iphone

The devloper is also preparing to add a lot of other features:

i will implement these:
– change/edit contents of sms, contacts etc
– import contacts from cvs, excel, text file
– backup of synced pictures (i wrote something but not inserted in this release)
– backup of camera image
» Backup your iPhone with Super Archiver for iPhone (SAFI)

Apr 16

A chinese developer created handwriting recognition software, for latin and chinese characters.
The app is called HWPen and it gives you a writing area instead of the default keyboard.

The version is still beta 1.0 but it kinda works, i personally still prefer the keyboard, but some of you will prefer this solution.

Some downsides…

The recognition doesn’t work in the mail-app and in landscape mode, but as this is still beta.. i’m pretty sure that the next versions will solve these little problems.

Let’s install the app and have a look shall we …
» Handwriting on your iPhone/iPod ?? HWPen 1.0 is here …

Apr 13

Eric Degrange released yet another update of his very popular Ringtones app today.
So what’s new ?

Well a very nice feature … (except for a little problem)

You can now set any song without converting directly as your tone.

(little problem)= However .. the little problem I’m referring to, is .. when you use this new feature, it’s not possible to make your phone silent and vibrate…

Eric has put the warning EXPERIMENTAL on his blog.
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.82 released (update 2.83, update 2.84)

Apr 06

As promised, i’ll show you the updated information of ringtones v 2.74

I’ve already posted some information about ringtones, go see my previous posts about ringtones here for 2.73 and here for 2.71.

Ok let’s get back to Jamendo Ringtones v 2.74.
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.74 released! (updated!)

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