Sep 23

Some time ago I brought you the news that Skrew (danstaface) is working on porting his very popular app vWallpaper to firmware 2.*. I had the privilige to beta test the vwallpaper application and it’s almost ready to be released on a global level. What’s new is that Eric (Skrew) has also started to port his RingTones application to firmware 2.* !! Now this is something i’ve been waiting for! For now no release dates are available but keep tuning back to see the updates.
» RingTones and vWallPaper going firmware 2.*

Jun 02

Some days ago i had a very interesting meeting with the people from We were mainly speculating what the iPhone is going to bring us in the near future, especially with firmware 2.0 and the appstore coming up. After talking for about an hour we decided it might be nice if we asked the developers their point of view regarding the upcoming appstore and the future of jailbreaking. After some quick decisions regarding the questions, I briefly wrote a e-mail addressed to several developers.
» iPhone developers talk about appstore and their applications

May 26

vWallpaper 0.9

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Skrew released another update to his vWallpaper application.
For the people who don’t know what vWallpaper is, it let’s you play video’s on your background springboard. Much like vista dreamscene.
What’s new in version 0.9?
A great new feature that let’s you add Video repository’s.
I’m working on one as we speak, i will hope to be ready by tomorrow evening :)

» vWallpaper 0.9

May 04

One of the most loved developers for the iPhone must be Skrew. He is the brain behind killer app’s like Ringtones and vWallpaper.
As the list of app’s is growing, skrew decided to put all common code needed for his app’s in 1 application.
The result of that code can now be found in the installer under the name SkrewCommon.

Ps: To use Ringtones and/or vWallpaper, you really need this, it’s not an optional installtion.
» SkrewCommon (common code needed for Vwallpaper, ringtones and iToday)

Apr 27

Vwallpaper is the next brainchild of Eric Degrange. Our favorite Jamendo Ringtones developer.
I’ve tried it but with my settings its not working. i Guess this must be due to the fact that i’m running Customize or smbprefs.

» Play a video as a wallpaper on your iPhone with Vwallpaper 0.20