Mar 19

After many years Apple has finally told the public what it’s going to do with it’s huge cash pile. In a conference call earlier today, Apple announced a so called dividend and share repurchase program. In the next three years they expect to spend 45 million dollars on this program. A full press release after the break.

» Apple announces Dividend and Share repurchase program

Sep 19

Bump is proud to announce the 50 million download mark. Bump makes sharing with people as simple as bumping two phones together. Just pick what you want to send, then hold your phones and gently bump hands with another Bump user. To celebrate this success they created an infographic that includes some interesting facts, which you can see after the break. » Bump: 50 Million Downloads [infographic]

Jun 20

SharedPod is a cool little app that you can use to manage your music and videos without using iTunes.
SharePod is a lightweight music management program for your iPod. You can copy music and videos between your iPod and computers usually without having to install anything on the computer. The good part is that since version SharePod 3.8.4 Beta2 the iPhone and iPod Touch are supported.
» SharePod supports iPhone and iPod Touch