Sep 18

Veency is the name of the latest application that has been released today by Saurik, the author and maintainer of Cydia. Veency provides a VNC remote desktop server for your iPhone, allowing you to view the iphone springboard and everything else on it via your Mac/PC with any VNC client.
» Cydia – Veency remote desktop server for the iPhone

Jul 31

Yesterday apple posted the second beta of the iPhone 2.1 software to developers for testing. Some developers are reporting they have since recieved the tools from apple to create background apps. Apple told us it would not officially be released to devs until September. For a more detailed explanation of how the push notification works read on. » Apple seeds some developers tools for making background-notification apps.

Apr 10

Sorry for not updating the site as much as other days.

However, i have very good reasons for this.
As my hosting provider is kinda NOT good.
I bought myself a server today, and i’m configuring it as we speak.
The migration is not set, but it will probably be not too long.

In the meantime, i will still update you of any big changes in our wonderfull iPhone and iPod land, but i will leave the reviews a little bit behind for the moment.

Don’t worry :)

I’ll be back on track within a very short time !!!