Oct 10

SEGA announced today that the classic “1999” video game Crazy Taxi is coming to the iPhone and iPad. They released a very short trailer with only a view seconds of gameplay. But TouchArcade posted a hands-on video, showing the old classic gameplay which features the soundtrack from the original game. Crazy Taxi should be hitting the App Store later this week. Check out the trailer and hands-on video after the break. » Crazy Taxi Coming To iPhone & iPad

Sep 29

Sonic, the popular old school game will come to the iPhone soon. The developer Sega finally created a new Sonic game after 16 years, Sonic The Hedgehog 4. The best thing for all, it will be available for the iPhone, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii, the iPhone users will be the first one that can try the game because the iPhone version will already be available on October 7th. » Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Will Be Available In The App Store On October 7th

Dec 01

super monkey ballIt has 115 levels, stunning graphics, minigames, different playable character, it’s part 2 and SEGA as the developer. Yes, it’s Super Monkey Ball 2. The first Super Monkey Ball was a huge success as one of the first iPhone games in the App Store. It’s time to release part 2 with many, many new features. » ‘Super Monkey Ball 2’ Rolls To The App Store

Oct 01

A new day almost equals a new emulator being released by ZodTTD. Today he made the popular Genesis4iPhone application available for iPhones and iPod Touches running firmware 2.x. For all of you who haven’t used Genesis4iPhone, the sega genesis emulator for the iPhone i’d suggest to have a look at my old posts.
» Genesis4iPhone hits firmware 2.x – Cydia

Jul 18

Kotaku had a chance to talk with Simon Jeffery regarding the iPhone. Some of the things we learned via the webcast is that SEGA is currently working on quite some ‘exiting’ things that they will release on the iPhone. Simon Jeffery also discusses the big success that Super Monkey Ball has.
» iPhone as powerfull as Sega Dreamcast ?

Jul 11

Sega’s Super Monkey Ball was one of the most anticipated iPhone App Store games. Sega’s Super Monkey Ball has to be the most addictive game on the iPhone till date! So it’s time for a small review and some pics. You can either get the game via iTunes or get it straight from your iPhone. When you start the game you have 4 characters to chose from and 1 mode to chose from (easy).
» App Store – Super Monkey Ball iPhone review

May 22

Just found out that iPhoneRoms is has been back online since tuesday.
For the people who don’t know what iPhoneRoms is, let me briefly explain.
ZodTTD is a super developer who created several applications that can emulate all sorts of consoles.
He created a Gameboy emulator called GameBoy4iPhone, a Sega Genesis emulator named Genesis4iphone, a Gameboy advance emulator named gpsPhone and last but not least a Super Nintendo emulator called SNES4iPhone.
» iPhoneRoms back up

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