Jul 26

Apple iOS 4.3.5 iPhone
Just a few days after iOS 4.3.4 came out, a new version of the OS “iOS 4.3.5” has been released that “fixes a security vulnerability with certificate validation.” The CDMA version of iOS has also been updated to 4.2.10. » Apple Drops iOS 4.3.5 & 4.2.10 For The Verizon iPhone. Security Fixes

May 18

RecognizeMe is the first Facial Recognition security for the iPhone. Although not perfect, RecognizeMe does a pretty good job at facial recognition, given optimal conditions. RecognizeMe sits on the iPhone passcode screen, so it serves as an alternate to, rather than a replacement for the passcode.

Jul 08

itunesTwo days ago Apple responded to the iTunes-Account hack and now they are saying only 400 account where hacked and have been used to purchase Thuat Nguyen’s book apps. “That is less than 0.0003 percent of iTunes users” Apple also said the iTunes servers were not compromised and they have implemented a new security measure in the iTunes Store to prevent such problems in the future.

If you are one of the victims and you want your money back you need to contact your financial institution Apple said. Because Apple will not give your money back. » Apple: Only 400 iTunes Accounts Hacked

Mar 28

iphone-lock-hackingjpgPatent filled by Apple releases that apple is working to build biometric readers inside iPhone or Macs to let the owners have the system secure with finger print or facial recognition. » Apple working on Biometric security on iPhone, Macs

Oct 23

Cylay, from iFonetec, is the world’s first iPhone security product that fights theft, tracks lost iPhone, protects data and information, and controls a lost iPhone remotely.Â
» Cydia – Cylay 2.0

Oct 22

iRa provides touch based viewing and control of IP based surveillance equipment. Inspired by the mobility needs of the high-end security industry, iRa enables users to view multiple video feeds and directly control pan-tilt-zoom cameras using the intuitive touchscreen interface of the iPhone and iPod touch.
» App Store – iRa

Aug 29

The security risk i addressed a couple of days ago has now been acknowledged by Apple. However, they do call it a ‘minor iPhone security issue’. Personally i don’t think this is minor as this actually gives the user who’s toying with your iPhone full access. But on the other hand.. don’t let your iPhone out of your sight and this will not be a problem :)
» iPhone Security Risk – Apple promises fix next month

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