Oct 23

Search 1.0 is a new application in Cydia that allows you to search through your Mail , SMS, Notes and Contacts on your iphone. You need to select first in which of the 5 applications you want to search and than type in the search tab the word you are looking for. In order to find quickly your search terms are also highlighted when you bring up the results. » Cydia – Search 1.0

Jun 26

Nuance is developing a application for the iPhone AppStore that’s called the Mobile Solution Suite. The Mobile Solution Suite is a suite of products and services that will combine touch, speech and a search interface. The application promises to simplify how we are going to use our mobile devices. Basically the application will use your voice as a input method for searching anything you need.
» AppStore – Mobile Solution Suite for the iPhone

Jun 18

RepoName received an update to version 1.1b . The biggest changes are in the database, which has been enlarged to +-600 applications. The app is no longer supported by the DavTeam as it no longer exist. Change splash screen since the DavTeam no longer exists. The app is now being developed by the “Non-Existent Dev Team” composed of C0DeR_4_liFe and Spoonforknife.
» RepoName 1.1b – Find the repo for you iPhone applications

May 21

UK largest review network comes to the iPhone. There are addresses, phone numbers, photos, and google-maps to show. Browse through 6000 towns and 500 categories or search to pinpoint in your google-maps to the place you’re looking for in seconds.

The most well reviewed places are always on top so you know where the best spots are. Works seamlessly with Google maps so you’ll never get lost.
» iQype: Community city guide

May 01

The Wikipedia web application lets you easily read, search and browse Wikipedia articles right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application formats the articles perfectly for the iPhone’s display, and evenallows you to save articles for off line viewing.

Apr 30

Reponame isn’t a new app, it has been released some time ago but today an update appeared in the installer.
So i thougth it might be time to give this little app a review.
So what does it do?
If you need a repository of a app or game, just type in the name and reponame will find the repository for you.
I like the app, but i noticed some minor little issues.
It doesn’t always gives you the original repository, so you will never be sure you’ll have the latest version.
For ex all apps from the skrew source, are according to the app on different repos.
Not that this is a big issue, but i like my app’s to be the latest versions, so i will not chose to use this app for now.
» Find the repository for any app with Reponame

Apr 09

This just got it.

Apple has added the search functionality in the latest beta firmware 5A240D.
It works the same way as the iTunes search.
The more known corresponding letters you type, the less possibilities will be shown.

Now let’s release that quickly please :)

Screenshots after the break.

» Search contacts function added in new beta firmware.