May 24

I already wrote some things about FileBrowser the brainchild of Stephan Bayer.
It seems like he’s working day and night on this app…

Today i found version 1.7 (1.6) in the installer and it really adds a lot of new functions since my last review, it even add a txt editor, just like I requested in my previous post :)

You can set permissions, copy, unZip, paste and delete files. Edit and create txt documents. E-mail files from on your iPhone.

» FileBrowser 1.7 (how to)

May 19

I wrote you guys about FileBrowser 1.1 a few days ago, well it seems that Stephan Bayer is unstoppable for the moment, he released version 1.2 this morning and this evening version 1.3. UPDATE to version 1.4 check updated down

What’s new in version 1.2 ?
I briefly updated the original post this morning.
The Settings now allow you to change the HOME directory to your preference and the app now let’s you patch Safari automatically to open local files like (pdf, doc and xls)
» Filebrowser 1.3/1.4 let’s you copy, edit, paste and search your iPhone

May 19

Installer got an update to version 3.11 today.

AppTapp and Ripdev have included some beautifull new features.
Let me list the new features:

-the ability to refresh only 1 source instead of all your sources (thanks guys !)
– a quick restart of your SpringBoard without Locking your Screen 1.1.3
– A more infor tab for the sources
– Russian localization thanks to RiP Dev (alexxb5)
– The repository is no longer stored in the cache.
– Uninstall has a search function
» Installer 3.11 upgrade released !

May 04

This is unconfirmed news but the screenshots look legit.
It appears as though the installer will get some new functions.
The most profound change we can see in the screenshots is a new search function.
Cydia already had this feature, but as installer is still the the preferred install program, this new search will be cheered upon by many of us users.
The Installer 3.1 release date isn’t public knowledge yet, but my guess is that it’s going to be reallly soon.

» Installer getting search capabilities?