May 22

The 20-year-old man opened the bag that he thought contained four iPhones that had been advertised on Craigslist. He found empty boxes. He told police that he yelled at the man walking away with his $1,600 in cash. That 29-year-old reached into his waistband, indicated he had a gun and told him to back off. “Our victim was pretty shaken up by the turn of events,” Lt. Doug Nolte of the Wichita police said Thursday. » Man Pays $1,600 For 4 Empty iPhone Boxes

Mar 06

1A couple of days ago the whole iPhone blogosphere was upside down and the reason for this was a new video and website for a application called WiFi Joker. The video promised to be able to crack any WiFi networks straight from your iPhone. Well now a couple of days later, it all turns out to be a big scam!.
» WiFi Joker a Joke ! (fakefreakz)

Oct 11

A new scam has recently appeared in Russia: Fake iPhones. They are often being sold in the manner of something like “Look, bro, I don’t have enough money for my train/plane tickets or whatever, but I’ve got a real iPhone, look the battery is dead but when you turn it on pushing the power you can see an Apple logo for a while, so just charge it, and you have an iPhone!”.
» Watch out for fake Russian iPhones

Jul 23

When you search for iPhone Apps on google a new scam site has taken the top of the search listing. has popped up where you can buy 10 of the most popular jailbroken apps for 24.95$. The tag line of the website is ‘iPhone Applications at a price that’s a steal’. Well they couldn’t have chosen a better line as they are actually really stealing your money for nothing. They show us a list of the following app’s (customize, snes, screenshot, video recorder, instant messenger, mms, ringtones, youtube downloader, books, vnc)!
» Warning – scam !