May 15

Saurik has just announced Cydia Substrate for Android devices and is now available in Google Play. Right now, this is all experimental with only with the only packages available being ‘WinterBoard’ and ‘Recommended Packages’ and will not look anything like the iOS version. To install Cydia Substrate you will need to root your Android and it has been tested by developers on Android versions from 2.3 to 4.2. Check out a video of Cydia Substrate after the break. » Saurik Releases Cydia Substrate For Android

Oct 08
Yesterday we informed you not to use anymore because it got a new “unknown” owner and may contain malware. Well do not worry any longer, it has been confirmed that the new owner is Saurik “which is a well known person in the jailbreak community” and is save to use again. » Saurik Is New Owner Of & Is Safe To Use [jailbreak]

Apr 29

Jay Freeman, aka Saurik and Britta Gustafson, tells Robert Scoble about Cydia and why and how to jailbreak his iPhone.

Nov 12

Cydia-iOS 4.2
iOS 4.2 is not released yet, but the update of Cydia is ready to go public. Developer @chpwn and Saurik developed an update for Cydia because there has been some changes in a lot of API’s. Because iOS 4.2 has been delayed “with probably one week or so” Cydia will also wait. Cydia will be released quickly after the release of iOS 4.2 and will have some technical and design changes.

Sep 12

Cydia just bought the Store, a store developed by Rock Your Phone for jailbroken iPhone users where you can download or purchase jailbreak tweaks and applications. The Rock Your Phone app store has always been store number two, number one of the jailbroken iDevice stores is of course the well known Cydia. This will all change since SaurikIT, LLC “the creator of Cydia” purchased the company Rock Your Phone, Inc. » Rock Your Phone & Taken Over By Cydia

Jul 25

jay freeman - saurik
Yesterday we showed you a video of Jay Freeman “also knows as Saurik” where he showed a jailbroken iPhone 4 to the Make It Work team. Today you can see the exclusive interview in two parts where Jay is talking about the history of jailbreaking. Both parts with a total of 16 minutes can be seen after the break. » Make It Work Radio: Saurik Talking About “The History Of Jailbreaking”

Jul 24

Jay Freeman “also known as Saurik in the jailbreaking world” is the developer of Cydia and went to the Make It Work team to show of a real jailbroken iPhone 4. He shows an iPhone 4 running Cydia thanks to Comex and Planetbeing’s current exploits and the good news is that Comex and Planetbeing said a release date is right around the corner. You can check out the video after the break. » Jay Freeman a.k.a. Saurik Interview, Shows Of A Jailbroken iPhone 4!

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