Nov 09

Some time ago we already informed you about this nice silver/black high-tech looking metal back for your iPhone 4 from Hong Kong, that you can purchase here for $13,99. In the video above you can see a YouTube user replacing the back of his iPhone 4 with a metal back.

Sep 30

uhhh...stop me if heard it, boys. This lady ran into a bar....

At the present time the we are enjoying an unprecedented time of peace. Fast forward to the year 2012; we are on the brink of extinction and you are the only group of soldiers that is left to protect the world from the Trinigon Alliance. Step into the world of Project Sanctuary, where you have the option of being one of three characters and take down the Alliance. While its a familiar story line and at times slightly cheesy,  the game is fast, with great in-game graphics and a haunting soundtrack.

» App Review: Project Sanctuary

Sep 23

is a game to meet new friends and build a community. Literally. You are the mayor and your objective is to build a town from the ground up. In the process of building your town, you can meet new friends or show your existing Facebook friends how you built your town. You can earn money to purchase buildings, build roads and parks. It’s not an original idea, as half the games on Facebook begin with this premise. So what separates this game from others? Nothing really, except that it’s $1.99 and poorly implemented. » App Review: Avatown

Jun 24

Monday June 21 2010 19:33:50:13
Apple has shown you some nice pictures shot with the iPhone 4 on the WWDC10 and we also shown you some pictures a view days ago shot with a iPhone 4 found in Czech Republic. Now there are some new shots taken in California at the Venice Skate Park that will blow your mind. These pictures are 100% real and has not been edited on any way. Check them out.

Dec 23


OstinGames is a game developer company. They recently released a new game in the App Store called Zepi. In this game it’s all about getting a highscore. It’s a very simple game and very easy to play and is recommended for people who like colorful games. » Quick Review: “Zepi”

Aug 02

announcements-and-news-iphone-developer-programMany developers complain about the huge amount of time it takes Apple to approve an application. After submitting the application it usually takes a lot of time before it appears in the App Store. This can be very annoying because the developer can give no releasedate to it’s users. Apple seems to have found something to give the developers a better estimation when an app will be released.

» App Store Review Status

Apr 07
App Review: Photo FX

App Review: Photo FX

If you thought Photoshop on your computer was enough for you to edit and enhance your pictures, You really need to think again and have a look to The Tiffen Company’s Photo fx for iPhone. » App Review: Photo FX

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