Jun 11

Apple has just unveiled its new “next-generation MacBook Pro”, with amazing specs. The new MacBook Pro will ship today for $2,199 and comes with a Retina Display, 2.3GHz quad-core i7 with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of flash storage, it is just 4.5-pounds and 0.71-inches thick. For more specs, pictures and video check after the break. » Apple Released New 15.4-inch Retina MacBook Pro For $2199

May 15


Bloomberg reported that Apple is preparing a new lineup of thinner MacBook laptops running on more powerful chips made by Intel Corp and will get a Retina Display like the iPad. They said this Thinner Macbook will be unveiled at Apple’s annual developers conference starting June 11.

» Apple Is Preparing To Release Thinner MacBook Pro With Retina Display & New Intel Chip

Mar 17

The new iPad’s biggest new feature is ofcourse the Retina Display. With a resolution of 2048 x 1536 the screen of the iPad is truly remarkable. And you want to take full advantage of it ofcourse. With a new iPad there’s also a list of new games. Or in this case a list of games that have been transformed into retina quality games. Ranging from Infinity Blade 2 to Tractor Beam, take a look at the list below displaying 18 retina ready game.

» List of retina ready iPad games

Mar 09

The Verge got their hands on The new iPad at the Apple Event Wednesday. “We have just had our first in-person experience with Apples latest and greatest slate… and it feels good“. They created a video to give us a good impression of The new iPad that will be released on March 16. The video can be seen after the break. » The New iPad Hands-On

Mar 07

Here are some first hands-on impressions of The new iPad from tech blogs.

Slashgear: “It is Resolutionary” Apple says of the new iPad, and we have to agree. We have just grabbed some hands-on time with the new Retina Display iOS 5.1 tablet, and the difference from the iPad 2 – which, remember, stays on sale alongside it – is vast. The pixels in the 2048 x 1536 display are, at regular arm length, completely indistinguishable: it is only when you get up close that you can make them out. » First Hands-On Impressions of The New iPad

Mar 07

Apple has increased the over-the-air download limit for the App Store from 20MB, up to 50MB. The reason for this can be The new iPad launch because it includes a high resolution Retina Display which stands for larger app sizes. So from now on you can downlaod larger apps over 3G or 4G networks on all devices. » Apple Changed Over-the-Air App Store Download Limits To 50 MB

Mar 07

A view minutes ago Apple finished their Live Event announcing their new iPad. So how is it called, iPad 3, iPad HD? No they decided to call it “The new iPad”. The new iPad includes some amazing new features which makes it another must buy for Apple fans. Check after the break for a detailed list of new features in The new iPad. » The New iPad: Whats New & How Much Does It Cost?

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