Jun 26

google-duivelWe all know Apple can be a pain in the ass when we are talking about app approval and removal. But they are not the only one anymore, Google joined the group. Normally when Apple removes a App from the App Store people can still use it if you already installed the app on your iDevice, Google went a little further by not only removing it from the store but also remotely removing the App from the Android phones itself. » Google Remotely Kills Android Apps On Android Phones

May 18

We know the iPad is a multifunctional futuristic device, right? But did you know it can be used to control a Blimp? Yes that’s right, the guys from breakfastny created a massive iPad controlled blimp with a build in camera. They used: BlimpDuino, Titanium and openFrameworks to control the Blimp using a iPad which received the live video-feed from the cockpit. To show their creation to the thousand guests, they flew the camera-enabled blimp over their heads at this year’s Design Week after-party. » Blimp Controlled By An iPad

Dec 05

Arduino TankA fun video about an iPhone controlled solar powered Arduino Tank. No more explanation is needed » iPhone Remote Controlled Solar Powered Arduino Tank

Oct 30

remote-apple-tvAfter iTunes 9.0.2 and the firmware upgrade for Apple TV 3.0 appeared, Apple also updated their Remote application. There are now new functions, only bugfixes. They also added the compatibility with iTunes 9 and Apple TV 3. Remote enables you to control music on your Apple TV or computer with your iPhone. The iPhone (or iPod touch) shows the buttons.

» Apple Updates Remote

Jun 25

appleremotesbm7102008“Remote: has been given an update by Apple. It’s now version 1.3, available for both the iPhone and the iPod. Till now you could use Remote to control iTunes on your desktopcomputer. With the arrival of version 1.3 the control of Apple TV’s is greatly extended. » Apple Updates “Remote”

Nov 05

The Dutch developer Makayama released today iPresenter, an app that allows you to remote control your Powerpoint presentations wirelessly from your iPhone, with a realtime view of your slides. Show your slides on your PC and use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a clicker.
» App Store – iPresenter (remote control powerpoint presentations)

Sep 18

Veency is the name of the latest application that has been released today by Saurik, the author and maintainer of Cydia. Veency provides a VNC remote desktop server for your iPhone, allowing you to view the iphone springboard and everything else on it via your Mac/PC with any VNC client.
» Cydia – Veency remote desktop server for the iPhone

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