Nov 02

RemindYou syncs the lock screen of your iPhone with iCal, Outlook, or Entourage and displays pending appointments and events every time you answer your phone. The Preferences menu will allow you to adjust basic display features for various wallpapers, backgrounds, or pictures..
» Cydia – RemindYou

Jun 22

Tuaw publiced another list with upcoming apps and games for our beloved iPhones. ome weel known jailbreak apps have been added to the upcoming list. TextReader and Sketches are a example. Some cool other games and apps are in the full list after the break.
» AppStore – More upcoming apps and games for the iPhone

Jun 03

Remind you is a new application that transforms your slide to unlock screen to a calendar view. The app doesn’t have much special visual tricks or extra features, but if you’re the kind of man/woman who quickly needs to look at the next meeting, then this app is something for you. However.. there’s 1 thing about this app that i do need to mention! It’s price is 19,95$. We still have great alternatives like iToday and Intelliscreen.
» Remind You 1.0 – Reminder app for lockscreen iPhone