Aug 15

Available now from the Apple Store, the (Product)RED bumper will run you $29.00, and, like all other (Product)RED products, a portion of the price will be donated to charities working to fight AIDS in Africa. » Apple Releases RED iPhone Bumper Case

Jul 25

I’m sure we all have seen Apple’s involvement with (PRODUCT) RED. For example, the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle have red versions as a part of this campaign, which help fight AIDS in Africa by giving (PRODUCT) RED a portion of the money made. » Red iPhone 3G coming?

Jun 07

Browsing around I bumped into this newspost on CrunchGear. They claim to have leaked pictures of the iPhone 3g / iPhone 2nd generation. had his own opion on the pictures: I’ll quote both articles below and you can check the pictures on the bottom. Take a look! » Fake pictures of the new iPhone 3G