Mar 24

Makers Interactive is proud to announce the release and immediate worldwide availability of Tap Tap Bar, the new quick thinking action puzzle game for iOS devices that challenges players to serve drinks quickly and accurately before time runs out. » Tap Tap Bar: New iOS Puzzle Game

Mar 22

An innovative puzzler that features 45 challenging levels of color and symbol matching. Simple to play but highly engaging and replayable. Mr. Brightside, a rookie exorcist, is set to prove his mettle through various absorbing levels, take on the evil elites – a zombie, a wicked witch, a raging werewolf and an awesomely cool and feared vampire. Use your exorcism board to cast spells to make impressive combinations and win amazing bonus power ups, which you can use to help you when the going gets tough. » Chillingham Manor: An Innovative Puzzle Game

Feb 19

Angry Beetles is a very interesting and exciting physics puzzle game suitable for all ages, combining realistic game physics,tricky levels,and funny animations. In a battle to protect his young, the provoked father beetle launches a crusade against the badger. Lock and load, aim your mark, then fire at will! » Angry Beetles HD Lite: Exciting Physics Puzzle Game

Jan 11

Slice It! has been updated to version 1.4 and includes 20 new levels. This gives it a total of 160 levels. They also added 2 Game Center missions that correspond to the newly added stages and removed the Christmas themed skin. Slice It! is a simple shape dividing game where the users have to slice various shapes into equal sized pieces under a given condition. » Slice It! Updated: 20 New Levels

Dec 03

House of Glass Namco
House of Glass is the first three-dimensional (3D) tangram puzzle game for iPad.  It brings players to a mysterious mansion where they must navigate their way through six rooms, locate hidden objects and solve an immersive plot.  While it may seem relatively simple, there are more than 30 puzzles awaiting, each becoming increasingly more complicated and requiring quite a bit of moving, rotating and flipping pieces on different axes to solve.  Progress is tracked through 25 possible achievements, including completion of tangram puzzles and minigames or finding specific objects.  An online leaderboard displays the user with the fastest completion time.  Future updates will allow access to more levels through content packs and user-generated content. » House of Glass: Puzzle Game Exclusively For The iPad

Jun 04

Some time ago i posted the news of the Trism demo game in the installer. Trism is going to be one of the first puzzle games that will be released on to the appstore. In this video the developer explains his motivations for releasing the game and what features will be available when he releases it. He is also discussing the price of his game and why he’s charging that much/little.
» Trism a appstore puzzle game (the developers view on Trism video)

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