Dec 04

At the iPhone 5c launch, Apple also launched a “Crocs-like” case for  the phone with holes on the back. The iPhone 5s got a leather case in multiple colors instead. Now, technology writer Michael Andrew shares photos of what he claims to be a prototype version of the 5c case for the 5s. » Is This What Apple’s iPhone 5S Case Would Have Looked Like?

Sep 06

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is testing prototype iPhones with screens as large as six inch, however they are not expected to be released this year. Apple is routinely testing prototype devices and these models might never be released, but it is nice to hear that Apple is interested in testing these devices, meaning that a larger screen might be released in the future. » Apple Testing Prototype iPhones With Six-Inch Screens

Jul 30

With Apple vs. Samsung trial is kicking off today, Apple has released images of a 2005 iPhone prototype dubbed ‘Purple’. It actually has some, if not most, of the design elements of the iPhone 4 design, which Samsung accused Apple of lifting from Sony. This one, again, is labeled “iPod”. » Apple Released Picture Of 2005 iPhone Prototype Called “Purple”

Jul 19

Revealed in court filings (which were first noticed by NetworkWorld) is a prototype/mock up (“035”) for an Apple tablet created between 2002 and 2004 — years before the iPad came out. It still looks like an iPad, but crossed with an old iBook. And man oh man it is HUGE. Here it is in full color for the first time. Check out after the break to find more pictures. » The iPad Prototype Was Gigantic [Pictures]

Apr 24

Remember the cool A.R.Drone? What… you think its not cool enough? Well I bet this Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun is! Check out the video after the break where you can see an iPad controlled quadrotor machine gun in action. » Prototype iPad Controlled Quadrotor with Machine Gun!

Feb 20

iPad 3 A5X Chip
Anew photo has surfaced on the WeiPhone forums showing a A5X-chip nestled onto a prototype logic board. The chip also includes a date code of “1146”, which would peg production at or around November 14th-20th of 2011. If this rumor is true the iPad 3 will not get an A6 Chip, instead it will get an upgraded A5 Chip. » Prototype iPad 3 Shows Apple A5X Chip [rumor]

Jan 23

The KAIST Institute of Information Technology Convergence has posted a video on YouTube demonstrating their patented Smart E-Book Interface Prototype implemented with Apple Private API. “The prototype is implemented on an Apple iPad but reportedly uses private Apple APIs, according to the video description. The use of private APIs would prevent the app from being approved for the App Store, but the video shows a number of novel ways to navigate eBooks besides the simple “page flip” motion found on Apples iBooks app.» Multi-Touch Smart E-Book Interface Prototype Shown On An iPad

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