Oct 18

Today the Cupertino City Council posted a video of the press conference it held yesterday, announcing its approval of Apple’s Campus 2 plans. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer spoke during the conference, thanking the community for green lighting its plans and providing some additional details on the campus. » Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer Speaks About Apple Campus 2

Sep 24

Yesterday Amazon announced an invitation-only special event to be held in New York city on September 28, a Wednesday. No details beyond that, but it is most likely that they will announce the low-cost Amazon tablet. It is a 7-inch tablet which will cost around $250 running Android. I doubt this will be real iPad compitition, but who knows… maybe they come with a big surprice. » Amazon Media Event Set For September 28th, Tablet Announcement Expected

Sep 21

Apple is holding a press conference next week, and is expecting to be launching a new version of the iPod Touch. But dont expect to much from it, because sources are saying that there will only be minro changes which includes a White case, new coating and a revised ambient light sensor. “MacRumors has received information indicating that the next iPod touch revision will be a very minor change, with the primary addition being the introduction of a new white model. Only minor changes are expected for the existing hardware, with the addition of an oleophobic coating for the display and a revised ambient light sensor seemingly being the main differences. Otherwise, we expect the models to be nearly identical to the current fourth-generation iPod touch model.” » Next Gen White iPod Touch With Only Minor Changes

Jul 18

At the press conference Apple announced the release date of the iPhone 4 in 17 Countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. They will release the iPhone 4 on July 30th and the White version will also be released very soon. So international customers, are you planning to purchase the iPhone 4 on the release date? » iPhone 4 Will Be Released In 17 Countries On 30 July

Jul 18

The Apple press conference at 16 July started with a nice little song called “The iPhone Antenna Song”. It shows Apples “and maybe even Steve Jobs” humoristic site, its about the iPhone 4 antenna problems and what to do about it. Just take a look at the movie after the break. » The iPhone Antenna Song

Jul 17

After the press conference at 16 July, at 10 am PT, we all would like to know more about the iPhone 4 issues right? Well here is what Steve told us. First of all, what did Steve said about the proximity sensor issues? Simple, he said they can and will fix this in the next software update “he did not say when this update will be released”. Good news till so far right? That’s one problem solved but what about the antenna issue? Well Steve said there is no such thing as a perfect phone, there will always be some problems. According to Steve only 0.55 percent of iPhone 4 users have contacted AppleCare regarding antenna or reception issues, so there will be no recall. The only thing Apple can offer is a free case for your iPhone 4 device, to apply for a free case go to Apples website late next week.

Jul 16

Apple will be holding a press conference on Friday 16 July, at 10 am PT. This press conference will be all about the iPhone 4 “and his problems”, we can assume that Apple will talk about the antenna issue, and maybe Steve comes with a solution for it. It also looks like Apple is silently replacing the malfunction iPhone devices with an upgraded version, maybe they can explain what’s that all about. We will keep you updated after the press conference later today.