Sep 22

Do you remember the classic dollar-bill-on-a-string trick? Times has changed and these days they use brand new iPhones to prank people. The guys from in Holland decided to stick an iPhone 5 to the pavement in one of Amsterdam’s busiest squares and watch what happens. Take a look at the hilarious video after the break to see how people act when they try to pick up this “new iPhone 5”. » iPhone 5 Super-Glued On Busy Street In Amsterdam

Jun 10

Some “Dudes who like porn” don’t like the way Steve Jobs doesn’t allow Flash on the iPad so porn movies cant be played on the iPad. Because of this the “Dudes who like porn” decided to make fun of Steve at the WWDC10 two days ago. They sent Steve an email and made some minor changes on the iPad signs outside the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010. Email and pictures after the break. » Porn iPad Prank At WWDC10