Apr 19

Case manufacturer Tactus shares a photo of what is said to be the rear shell of Apple’s rumored lower-cost iPhone. In line with previous rumors, the part appears to be manufactured from plastic. The low-cost iPhone design will be similar to the iPod classic with a flat back and curved edges, as well as a shift to elongated volume buttons along the left side. » Picture Of Lower-Cost iPhone’s Plastic Rear Shell Surfaces?

Aug 07

Engadget published a photo of something they claim to be legit iPad parts, the photo first popped up on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo. Engadget: “There’s little other activity on the account to back up the source, and the omission of a camera hole might irk some, but if these were early parts, then that could be something that is added later. For now, we’re left to fill in the gaps with out imagination”

Jul 30

With Apple vs. Samsung trial is kicking off today, Apple has released images of a 2005 iPhone prototype dubbed ‘Purple’. It actually has some, if not most, of the design elements of the iPhone 4 design, which Samsung accused Apple of lifting from Sony. This one, again, is labeled “iPod”. » Apple Released Picture Of 2005 iPhone Prototype Called “Purple”

Aug 05

A member of the macrumors forum claimed he created a photo of the iPhone 5. Personally i think it looks really fake, and Gizmodo agree with me. They actually showed some proof that it is a fake picture, by creating a similair iPhone in just 10 minutes using Photoshop… it even looks better then the one claimed to be taken in an office of a French operator. » First iPhone 5 Picture: Fake?

Sep 16

iSpazio has the new version of SwirlyMMS that works on 2.0 and 2.1 firmware (as well the iPhone 3G). It’s a beta version and they say that maybe they will have the final in the AppStore. About the app, how to install and screenshots inside. » SwirlyMMS beta for iPhone/3G FW 2.0/2.1

Aug 05

Comic Touch is another picture editor for the iPhone. This one is not for improving the picture quality, but rather having fun and making fun.

» App Store: Comic Touch (make comic’s of your pictures)

Jul 16

I’ve had some people asking me on how to take save pictures (photos) with safari on the new iPhone and iPod Touch firmware 2.0. This is actually a very easy. When you have found a picture that you’d like to save, just press and hold the image untill a new screen pops up with a request to save the image.
» How to save Safari Pictures Firmware 2.0 (iPhone, iPod Touch)