Nov 19

Steve Jobs
Biographer Walter Issacson told the New York Times that he intentionally left out details about a variety of products that Steve was working on. Not only was Steve working on a television, related Issacson, but the Apple co-founder also “wanted to reinvent” photography and textbooks, too.

He had three things that he wanted to reinvent: the television, textbooks and photography. He really wanted to take these on. I did not go into details about these products in the book because it was implicitly Apples creations and it is not fair to the company to reveal these details. But, he did talk about the television. He told me he had “licked it” and once said, “There is no reason you should have all these complicated remote controls.”

» Steve Jobs Biographer Left Out Details About New Apple Products

May 17

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Nov 21

A series of smashed, mangled, shot up and melted apple products are the subject of a recent photography project by a San Francisco-area graphic designer who said he’s trying to make people think about their relationship with these universally beloved gadgets. » A Series Of Destroyed Apple Products: Subject Of Photography Project [Pics]

Jul 03


Yes that’s right, more iPhone 4 problems has been reported. This time its about the camera, some users are noticing poor white balance in the pictures they shot. Areas that supposed to be white, are looking yellow. It happens most of the time when taking a indoor shot, with and without the LED flash. Macworld has emailed Apple about the issue but they haven’t received an answer yet. Did you noticed some change in your pictures shot with the iPhone 4? » iPhone 4 Camera: Yellow Issues

Apr 01

iconforwebsiteAfter a long time I have had another reason to stick to my iPhone for a long time stretched. ColorSplash is perfectly designed, easy usability and one of the most stable app on iPhone. » Hands-on: ColorSplash

Sep 21

Snapture Labs released Snapture 2.1 which supports now the latest iPhone firmware 2.1.
As you saw in our previous post , snapture is an advance photography program which allow you to extend the iPhones camera capabilities.
» Cydia – Snapture 2.1