Jul 20

Ptch is the new, fast and creative way to share your pictures and videos. “On Ptch, you plug in your photos and videos from your phone and elsewhere, add Facebook comments and tweets or your own captions, choose from a list of animated styles and muzak — and voila, you get an instant souped-up video slideshow of one minute or less.” Ptch is available in the app store here. » Ptch: DreamWorks Releases New Social Photo & Video App

Jul 16

9to5mac reported that Apple.Pro has posted an photo of the next-generation iPhone front. Notice the centered FaceTime camera. It’s a single white frame, the black is just the frame flipped over. Which is new, we’ve yet to see a white iPhone front frame for the next iPhone. 9to5mac also noticed that more of these same frames are leaking out as production is reportedly starting.

Apr 12

We told you two days ago that Facebook acquired Instagram for an obscene amount of money. This infographic tracks Instagram’s brief but explosive history, from launch in November 2010 to its $1 billion exit to Facebook. Check out the infographic after the break. » The Instagram Timeline: From Zero To A Billion [infographic]

Aug 05

A member of the macrumors forum claimed he created a photo of the iPhone 5. Personally i think it looks really fake, and Gizmodo agree with me. They actually showed some proof that it is a fake picture, by creating a similair iPhone in just 10 minutes using Photoshop… it even looks better then the one claimed to be taken in an office of a French operator. » First iPhone 5 Picture: Fake?

May 14

copytrans photo

Its my birthday today and to celebrate that we will do a Giveaway in collaboration with CopyTrans. There will be 5 lucky winners that will get a license for CopyTransPhoto. CopyTransPhoto makes it possible to transfer and share iPod photos as easy as taking them, you can move pictures to and from your iDevice easy and quickly. You can also add photo albums, Organize your photos and rotate or backup your iPhone pictures. Giveaway Is Over!

» UPDATE: GIVEAWAY: 5 CopyTrans Photo Licenses!

Mar 24

img_0006_210309Cropulator as the name suggests allows you to crop your photo’s directly on your iPhone, and works pretty well.Launch the app, and after the splash screen you are taken directly to the Photo Albums where you can select the photo you want to crop.
» App Store – Cropulator

Feb 17

iphone_colorsplashColorSplash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. This effect – known as a “cutout” or “selective desaturation” – draws the viewers’ attention to the colored areas.
» App Store – ColorSplash

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