Aug 26

The Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo posted a¬† photo of what appears to be dozens of iPhone 5C devices being put through a testing process. Engadget discovered, according to the original poster’s Sina Weibo profile, that the shot was taken at a Pegatron plant in Shanghai, China and that she apparently joined Pegatron’s quality control department in mid-July. » Photo Shows Dozens of iPhone 5C Devices Being Tested at iPhone Manufacturer Pegatron

Jul 29

Chinese site WeiPhone has posted a photo that appears to show plastic retail packaging marked with the name “iPhone 5C”, which could be for Apple’s long-rumored plastic iPhone. There is no proof that this photo is genuine, but if it is the “C” could refer to the various color options available on the rumored lower-cost device. » Photo of Plastic Packaging with ‘iPhone 5C’ Name Surfaces

Jul 20

Japanese magazine Weekly ASCII now shares some new closeup photos [Google translation, via Macotakara] of a yellow version of the alleged low/cost iPhone plastic rear shell, showing it in good detail while also placing it alongside an iPhone 5 for comparison. There is no confirmation that this rear shell is a genuine one leaked from Apple’s supply chain, but these parts are appearing in significant quantities standardized around a common design that is also consistent with long-running rumors of Apple’s plans for the device. » Closeup Photos Of Lower-Cost Plastic iPhone Rear Shell Compared To iPhone 5

Jun 26

G4Games points to a photo posted to Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo that allegedly shows display assemblies from the iPhone 5S. In the photo above you see the iPhone 5s display photographed on a production line. MacRumors explains “The photo is relatively small, but the resolution is good enough that the redesigned flex cable connectors on the iPhone 5S part can be seen. On the iPhone 5, the two connectors supporting the display itself and the touch digitizer are both oriented horizontally, while on the iPhone 5S one is oriented vertically and the other horizontally.» Photo Shows Display Assemblies From The iPhone 5S

Jun 21

Photo of the possible iPhone 5S by AlexKormisPS (ALM) via Flickr

Apple’s smartphones have plenty of loyal fans around the world, for good reason. While the iPhone 5 fell short of initial projected sales, with 5 million phones sold during the launch weekend versus the at least 8 million projected, by the end of 2012, Forbes reports more than 27 million iPhone 5s were sold. As the iPhone 5’s one-year anniversary approaches, rumors are swirling about the next iPhone: Will it be an iPhone 6, or an iPhone 5S? Will the next model come in different sizes? What kind of casing will the phone have? While nothing is certain, here are five features that would make the next iPhone even better than the iPhone 5. » 5 Features We Want In The Next iPhone

May 10

Disney has just released a new photo and video sharing app for the iPhone, called “Story”, which to create and share photo and video collages¬†with friends and family. “On your phone, you have countless moments captured in photographs and videos. The Story app gathers those moments and helps you transform them into stories that are easy to personalize, save and share.» Story: New Photo & Video App For iOS Created by Disney

Aug 07

Engadget published a photo of something they claim to be legit iPad parts, the photo first popped up on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo. Engadget: “There’s little other activity on the account to back up the source, and the omission of a camera hole might irk some, but if these were early parts, then that could be something that is added later. For now, we’re left to fill in the gaps with out imagination”

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