Sep 20

Newton is a the first “PDA” handheld created by Apple. Apple started developing the Newton PDA back in 1987 and ended on February 27, 1998. It wasn’t that big of a success as the iPhone, but for the people that like the old school handheld feeling, you can get the Newton OS for the iPhone using the Einstein MessagePad emulator. Get the project code here. » Newton OS Running On The iPhone

May 12

In April, published a rumor that Apple would be launching the 3G iPhone earlier than expected… in May. At the time, we dismissed it, as the rumor didn’t seem to correspond with the circulating expectations that the new iPhone would be launched in June at WWDC. Apple’s dwindling stock of iPhones in both the U.S. and U.K. however, has made us look at this rumor once again.

As mentioned, SwitchToaMac’s source claimed that the 3G-capable iPhone would be announced in May, with the belief that it would be available for purchase the day after the announcement.
» 3G phone in May?