Sep 03

According to 9to5mac iOS is the third most popular platform on the internet, this came from a report of netmarketshare. iOS is actually almost six times larger than Android. Devices that are running iOS “which includes iPhone, iPad and iPod” have a market share of 1.1 percent. That puts them on the 3rd place after Windows which is number one with 91.3 percent market share and OS X with 5 percent. Android only has a marketshare of 0,2 percent. » iOS: Third Most Popular Internet Platform

May 28

wozniak_dv_20090527145455Steve Wozniak is one of the co-founders of Apple. He says Steve Jobs sounds healthy and full of energy. Steve Jobs is on medical leave since January and said his health issues are more complex than I originally thought”. He is expected to return at the end of next month. Steve Wozniak has never directly asked Steve Jobs about his health but is convinced he is not in a health crisis. Or at least not anymore.

» Steve Says Steve Sounds “Healthy And Energetic”

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