Mar 30

It’s finally here: the OFFICIAL Vimeo iPhone app! They packed all the best parts of Vimeo into one app! Now you can upload, edit, manage and watch your videos right from your iPhone. Need some inspiration? Watch great videos based on your personal preferences or our curated channels. Vimeo is the best way to get your videos online in the highest quality with great tools to share publicly or privately. There’s many reasons millions use Vimeo and Time Magazine voted us a Top 50 Website for the last two years running. Learn more at » Vimeo Released Official iPhone App

Nov 17

There are already some applications in the App Store that enables Google Voice such as GV Mobile+ and GV Connect, but now Google drops their official Google Voice app. To use this app you need to sign up for a Google Voice account, which you can only use in the United States. Google Voice is available for free in the app store. » Official Google Voice App Now In The App Store