May 11


As noted by Steven Stroughton-Smith (via 9to5Mac), Apple appears to be testing a revised portal at that shows two additional icons for Notes and Reminders in the background of the login screen. The standard portal displays only icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone, and iWork.

» Apple Brings Notes and Reminders to With iOS 6

Feb 27

Handy Notes+
Fully functioned Notes/Diary/Journal which bundle rich functionality and easy of use, which will give you un-beatable Notes experience. Handy Notes support close-up handwriting, keyboard text, hand draw, shape selection, zoom-in/out, picture importing, highlight, PDF exporting, emailing, thumbnail/book-shelf view, indexing, printing, copy/paste/undo/redo/title/lock and lots more. This app will serve all your notes/diary/journal/letter/scratch/draft writing/modification needs on your mobile device. » Handy Notes+: Easy & Fully Functioned Notes App

Aug 16

Most of you have known the jailbraik app Moleskine for quite some time. Now developer Hon Cheng ( has released his popular iPhone app to the App Store. One big change in the app store versions is the fact that they are no longer donation-ware but that you have to pay for them. Moleskinery has a price set of 3.99$ but Moleskinery+ has a hefty price set of 10.99$!
» App Store – Moleskinery and Moleskinery+

Jun 25

Databinge (Hon Cheng) released updates to his popular moleskine and TimeCapsule applications. moleskine v0.51b1 & TimeCapsule v0.42b1. moleskine just adds a bugfix (crash when tap on the 1st row in an empty folder). TimeCapsule adds some fixes and changes. More after the break.
» moleskine v0.51b1 & TimeCapsule v0.42b1 updates released

Jun 23

NotepadSync is a upcoming application for the AppStore. The app only has compatibility for Mac and the iPhone, for now no Windows support. The app will allow you to create notes on your iPhone (with the ability to write text anywhere on the screen) and seamlessly do the same on your Mac. All the changes will be synchronized in both ways. The Notes will be stored in the cloud, and will be updated when changes occur either on the iPhone or iPod touch or on your Mac.
» AppStore – NotepadSync (sync your iPhone notes)Mac Only

Jun 21

Databinge released 3 updates to his very popular applications. Moleskine v0.50b1 & TimeCapsule v0.41b1 & WildEyes! v0.20b1. Moleskine is a notes application for the iPhone. TimeCapsule is a backup application for the iPhone and WildEyes for Safari let’s you view all your documents within safari. I’ll go into more detail after the break.
» Moleskine v0.50b1 & TimeCapsule v0.41b1 & WildEyes! v0.20b1 released for the iPhone

Jun 09

Moleskine v0.48b1 has received an update. The developer ( added a stop button when playing recorded sound and he Disabled the accelerometer when editing a note and changing a icon. As it has been some time since i reviewed this app. I decided to post some developer video’s with all the latest updates in the app.
» Moleskine v0.48b1 – Notes on steroids for your iPhone

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