Oct 22

The fight between Apple “iPhone” and RIM “BlackBerry” is still going on, but it looks like Apple is going to win this battle. According to StrategyAnalytics, the iPhone has passed RIM (BlackBerry) by selling 14.1 million phones, while RIM sold 12.1 million phones. Nokia is still way out in front with 26.5 million sales but RIM and Nokia both dropped in sales from the previous quarter while Apple is rising fast. » Apple Passes RIM In Global Smartphone Shipments

Aug 26


Nokia plans to dump Symbian for Linux. This is part of a strategy to beat the iPhone, Reuters reports. Rumors say the N900 will be using Maemo Linux instead of the Symbian S60 interface and that it is part of a larger stragety that will replace Symbian on some or maybe all high-end Nokia smartphones in the near future. Next week’s Nokia World Show will probably show the first signs of this strategy.

» Nokia Wants To Beat iPhone With Linux

Feb 16

mcoolphone_ggmCoolPhone is a new app from the makers of mCleaner, mAdvLock, mCaller ID, mCallshow and mSecret. mCoolPhone is a super smart app which helps you use iPhone in a more convenient way.You just shake or flipover iPhone,the incoming call will be accepted or hang up.
» Cydia – mCoolPhone

May 17


iPhone GamesNo Comments »      Chris Eissens

We all know the classic Nokia game snake.
Sergey Tikhonov has created a iPhone/iPod native version of our beloved snake game.

In this version of the game, the snake is always crawling and you need to control it by tilting your phone to the correct direction.

I won’t go much into detail with this as it speaks for itself :)
» Snake

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