Nov 26

In a new web ad, Nokia promotes their Windows 8 tablet the Lumia 2520. In the ad Nokia pokes fun at Apple’s tablet by making references to the iPad Air’s new ‘Pencil’ television ad and suggesting that iPad owners will need to carry a notebook everywhere because the iPad has no keyboard. » Nokia Lumia 2520 Ad Tries To Make Fun Of The iPad As “The Wrong Tablet”

Aug 06

Nokia has launched a new advertisement comparing the company’s Lumia 925 to the iPhone 5. The ad focuses on the phone’s photographic capabilities and is based on Apple’s well known “Photos Every Day” commercial, which began running back in April. It uses a similar voice over and style, focusing on Lumia users taking photographs with their devices. Check out the video after the break. » Nokia Launches Lumia 925 Advertisement, Comparing Camera With iPhone

Nov 21

After the break you find a video where SoldierKnowsBest puts 2 camera phones to the test, the iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920. In the test SoldierKnowsBest comparses the software, front camera and rear camera. » Camera Comparison: iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920

Apr 03

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and now Nokia they are all mocking each other in TV Ads these days. Nokia released three TV Ads mocking the iPhone for being fragile, difficult to view outside and the “death grip”. Check the other two ads after the break. » Nokia Released Three New Ads Mocking The iPhone

Mar 30

Nokia, one of the world’s leading mobile device manufacturers has developed a new piece of alert technology which the company hopes to patent and incorporate into the design of all future Nokia phones. The technology, which has been described as a “magnetic tattoo” is certainly groundbreaking, involving the use of metal ores which would create a sensation of tingling in the arm of the phone user, requiring them to scratch it in order to stop the alert, but providing a guaranteed way of ensuring that the user knows when they have a call on their phone or when the battery needs charging. » Vibrating “tattoo” Alerts For Nokia Phones

Aug 20

These days there are 100s of messages about Apple requesting new patents, but what most people dont know is that Apple is actually pretty small as a patent owner, compared to some other well known companies. In the graphic above (for full version click here), you can see that Apple is one of the small “spikes”. They just own around 1000 patents, compared to other big companies such as IBM “10.000+”, Nokia “11.500+” and Samsung “11.800+” thats a small amound. » Samsung Is The Owner Of 12 Times As Much Patents As Apple

Jan 26

DistinctDev announces the cross-platform expansion for their highly-acclaimed title, The Moron Test, in the first half of 2011. iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Intel App-Up, and Mac App Store users will be able to access the same challenging variety of hilarious content that has already been enjoyed by more than seven million iPhone, Android, and Nokia users. The Moron Test’s addictive challenges test players’ intellect and acuity as they navigate seemingly simple problems that require creative thinking to solve. » The Moron Test: Is Coming To Five New Platforms in Early 2011

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