Jun 03

China did it again, they created a iClone. Its a cheap knockoff of the Next Gen iPhone, before Apple could release the real thing. This phone is called the GPS-PHONE and looks pretty cheap but has a build in TV antenna, a front facing camera, mini USB interface, camera flash and allows you to install java applications. We don’t know what this device will cost, so if someone knows please leave a comment. More pictures after the break. » First Chinese Counterfeit Of Next Gen iPhone!

May 09

iPhone 4G casing
Its most likely the next gen iPhone will be introduced on the WWDC 2010, so its not surprising to see next gen iPhone parts are showing up on the internet. SmartPhoneMedic has created a movie where they show iPhone parts of the next gen iPhone. They show the assembly of the new iPhone 4G LCD and digitizer onto the metal middle plate and a tray for the micro-SIM. » SmartPhoneMedic Shows iPhone 4G/HD Parts.

Apr 18


Earlier today we posted some pictures of the possible iPhone G4/HD, but it turned out to be a Japanese knock-off. Engadget found out after a reader posted another image of the device which is claimed to have been purchased in Japan. A reader of Macrumors also posted some images from a Chinese website WeiPhone , which looks identical to the one we showed you earlier today. Some extra pictures after the break. UPDATE: Engadget already changed his mind, its not a Japanese Knock-off, it’s the real deal! Read more about it after the break.

» UPDATED: iPhone G4/HD Photos Turned Out To Be A Japanese Knock-Off! Or Not?

May 12

214239The forum which has been the source of early photos of uni-body MacBook and MacBook Pro prior to release has issued early screenshots of next-gen iPhone. » Chinese forum details next gen iPhone

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