Dec 27

Inspired by the Google Zeitgeist 2010 Video, tszheichoi made this video, a very quick and short summary of what Apple did and achieved in 2010. He used Apple’s Press Info Library as his main research place, but he also referenced other websites and blogs.

Sep 23

I would like to introduce four of our new Team members that just joined the iPhoneFreakz Team last week: Matt, Daniel, Qasim and Maulik. We are trying to make iPhoneFreakz more active by posting more messages everyday and these new team members will help us out. Matt comes from the USA and will be our main Game/App Reviewer. Daniel from the UK will also help us by being a Game Reviewer as well. Qasim is coming from the USA and will be a Daily Poster/Blogger. Maulik will be the Forum Administrator, he will clean and fix our forum.

Also interested in joining the iPhoneFreakz Team? Well we are still looking for volunteers, daily and weekend posters, so if you are interested email me “Chris” at

Aug 13

macbook-touch1Gizmodo reports on details about the rumored Mac Tablet. The source says that the device will look much like a large iPhone. It has the home button and black plastic back, but with a 10-inch screen.

“The device, which I’ve held mock ups of, is going to have a 10 inch screen, and when I saw it looked just like a giant iPhone, with a black back — although that design could change at any time” they said, “with the same black resin back, and the familiar home button.”

But according to the German site the new Apple device will not be called Mac Tablet or iTablet, but MacBook Touch. That sure sounds more like an Apple product and it also sounds good.

» New Details: No Mac Tablet…Call It The MacBook Touch!

Oct 16

Phantom Fish today announced the release of Byline 2.0, a major update to the RSS news reader and offline web browser for iPhone and iPod Touch. Byline synchronizes new items, starred items, notes and folders from a free Google Reader account. New features include a streamlined interface for browsing folders from Google Reader, a built-in web browser for online and offline browsing, and a function to create and share notes.
» App Store – Byline 2.0

Jul 19

I’ll be posting iPhone news articles or reviewing accessories, just like Multinova. I look forward to working on iPhonefreakz and hope everything goes well. If you have any questions or comments, post a comment below or email me at We’re working on getting my iPhonefreakz email up and running, but as soon as that gets started, I’ll give you that address. You can also follow me on Twitter at

Keep checking back!

Jun 04

A new update for LiveJournal has been released. The blog-application allows you to add new messages to your online journal (on The update contains some bugfixes for the application. What’s interesting is that the developer is currently working on an update that will allow you to post pictures in the the journal posts. An interesting feature to look out for.

» LiveJournal Update v0.2.1

Apr 26

Previously it was stated that the iPhone wouldn’t support tasks or apps running in the background, this was due to high battery and memory usage.
Some sources suspected that firmware build 5A258f does support apps running in the background.
However if we read the new SDK documentation well, this speculation gets rather quickly demolished.

When an application is inactive, it is executing but is not dispatching incoming events. This occurs when an overlay window pops up or when the device is locked.

Only one iPhone application can run at a time, and third-party applications never run in the background. This means that when users switch to another application, answer the phone, or check their email, the application they are using quits.

So far dreaming of a native chat or gps app :(

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