Dec 29

iMore wrote that New York City mayer Michael Bloomberg blamed the iPad and iPhone for a slight elevation in the crime rate during his Friday morning radio address. Marc La Vorgna, the mayor’s press secretary, said: “If you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year.” Bloomberg advised listeners to keep their Apple devices in a pocket in sort of a more body-fitting, tighter clothes. » iOS Devices Blamed For Increase In NYC Theft Crime Rate

Jan 20

In the Apple Event yesterday Apple announced a lot of new interesting features: iBooks 2, iTunes U, iBook Author and more. Above you can see a video Apple shoed at the Apples education event is underway at New York City Guggenheim Museum. In  the video you can see that textbooks on iPad go way beyond the printed page. See how they bring learning material to life with video, audio, interactivity, and more. A hands on video by Engadget can be found after the break. » The Textbook Reinvented For iPad And Hands-On Video With Apple Digital Textbooks

Dec 02

Apple Grand Central Store December 9
The picture above is proof that Apples massive store in New York City Grand Central Terminal is opening doors for business at 10am next Friday, December 9. We can not really see how the new Apple Store will look like because Apple uses a black curtain to tease a forthcoming grand opening. According to the Fortunes Philip Elmer-DeWitt, the store could measure at 23,000 square feet, nearly matching Londons Regent Street (25,000 square feet) and Covent Garden (24,600 square feet) outlets. It should rake in a hundred million dollars in revenue per year: » Grand Central Apple Store: Grand Opening Friday December 9

May 22

What happened today in New York??

Can you belive it? There’s already a line of 60 people waiting in line at the biggest ’24h open’ Applestore in New York City.

Most of the people don’t even know why they are waiting. Maybee it’s for the 3G iPhone or is it for a iMac?
If it’s for a 3G phone, then they will have to be there for quite some time. The earliest we can expect the iPhone 3g to be available in stores is 10 June… But that’s not even announced.
» 3G finally there? no but some people think it is ..