Jun 08

BGR got news from a source that Apple will be introducing a TV SDK at WWDC next week. A TV SDK would enable third-party developers to create software for Apple’s TV products. Apple also has plans to demonstrate an all new TV operating system during its WWDC keynote next week. » Apple Will Launch TV SDK At WWDC

Apr 07

Huhmagazine noted that: Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has said that Apple’s rumoured-to-be-in-development Apple TV will not be called the iTV, but something more like iPanel, because the display will be “far more” than a normal TV set. “It is a display, gaming center, media hub, computer, home automator, etc”. » Apple TV Called iPanel? [rumor]

Mar 07

Apple has already posted a video from todays special event, where Apple announced The new iPad, New Apple TV, iOS 5.1 and iPhoto. » Video Stream of Todays Apple Event: The new iPad, New Apple TV & More