Jul 06

On YouTube two new videos of the navigationsoftware iGo for the iPhone showed up. On the first video you see how to import an address and how the simulation starts. On the second video you see the usage of the software in the car.

» Two New Videos Of Navigation Software iGo

Mar 04

xgps1A couple of days ago Xpgs 1.2 was finally released in Cydia. A lot of new features have been added. Most of them have been posted previously. One thing which hasn’t been mentioned is a new way to create itinerary called Routes managerĀ. Using this function you can compute and save routes for offline use. It let you choose places and addresses as starting and ending point. Please notice that there is currently no support for routes with more than one starting and one ending points. It’s due to a Google limitation and we are working on it.
» Cydia – Xgps 1.2 released (Voice guided iPhone GPS)

Feb 20

034142-routeX-Road has released a new version of their navigation app called G-Map 2.1. In this latest update a lot of bugs have been fixed and new features like: Turn by turn directions, POI’s, Current-speed display, search of addresses, detours and types of roads that can be avoided have been added.
» G-Map version 2.1 (Bug Fixes + turn-by-turn navigtion)

Feb 12

xgps1Some days ago iPhoneFreakz informed you of the upcoming xGPS 1.2 release. Well the developers responded to the youtube video showing the Voice instructions and they’ve responded with a really extensive blog about all the new functions they will implement for the release of xGPS 1.2. Hit the break to see all the news:
» Cydia – xGPS 1.2 update

Feb 09

xgpsThere have been quite a lot of bug fixes and extra features to the latest version of xGPS. In our previous post we explained the possibilities of this nice navigation software for the iPhone 2G and as xGPS promised the function to plan a route is now available with the iPhone 3G’ s internal GPS.
» Cydia – xGPS 1.2 (bug fixes + voice guidance)

Sep 02

For the people who are new i’ll briefly explain. xGps is the navigation software that works together with the xGps module that has been released for the iPhone 2G. Check my old post regarding this here.
» Cydia – xGps and xGps Util 1.0.0-1 available

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