Oct 28

google-maps-navigation-iphone-250x148Forbes claims Google is developing a navigation system for mobile phones, and that includes the iPhone. It will work with Google Maps, an app present on the iPhone since its launch. The system will offer routes and turn-by-turn navigation. The latter is a frequently asked feature says Carolyn Penner, spokesperson of Google. » Google Planning To Come With Free Turn-By-Turn Application?

Aug 17

tomtom_logoWe have been waiting for a long time. They were the first to introduce us to turn-by-turn navigation software. They are probably the last people to make this software available in the App Store. I’m talking about Tom Tom ofcourse. The software can now be downloaded through the App Stores of U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. But will it be worth the money?

» Update: Tom Tom Navigation Software Finally Arrived! (+ video)

Aug 11

tomtom_logoTomTom has send an e-mail with an important message. It seems something is going to be revealed in September the 22nd. It is unclear what it is, but I think this could be the TomTom navigation software application for the iPhone. On the Twitter page Brightsite, the dutch website Bright.nl thinks it is the TomTom carkit. Back at the WWDC in June this year TomTom revealed their application and said it will be available this summer. The 22nd of September is the first day of autumn.

» TomTom Finally Available…On September 22nd?

Aug 06

logo While TomTom should have been the first, it looks like it’s waiting to be the last. Maybe they  can surprise us with something special, but I think they waited to long. Another navigation  app will find its way to the App Store soon: Navmii.

» Another Navigation Software In Development: Navmii