Apr 22

Bird Zapper
In celebration of Spring and Easter, NAMCO BANDAI Games America has updated Bird Zapper!, the most recent addition to our iOS slate, with an Easter theme. When opening the game, players will not only be pleased to find bunnies and eggs galore, but will be introduced to a new power up bird (Duck) and battery gifts. In this addictive title, casual gamers will continue to assist Skippy the Squirrel as he attempts to rid the power lines of pesky birds – by zapping them. We encourage anyone that hasn’t played the original Bird Zapper! to give this seasonal version a try. If you need a promotion code, just let us know and we will send that your way. » Bird Zapper! Steps Into Spring With An Easter Update

Mar 25

Bird Zapper!, is “after a delay” now available worldwide for $0.99 on Apple’s App Store. NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., a leading global publisher and developer of interactive content, today announced the launch of Bird Zapper!™, the newest iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod touch™ title.  Developed by NAMCO BANDAI Games’ Romanian Studio, NAMCO BANDAI Networks Romania s.r.l., this title sparks the beginning of the company’s 2011 entry into completely new properties.  As a universal app, the game is available for $0.99.  To build on the accessibility of Bird Zapper!™, the game will also be available on Android later this Spring. » Bird Zapper! Now Available In The App Store

Mar 10

NAMCO BANDAI Games America
is bringing Bird Zapper!, a completely new IP, to iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  In this simple but addicting game, players help Skippy the Squirrel seek revenge on birds that have electrified his music player.   With pesky birds hijacking the power lines, swipe the same-colored birds in any direction when they’re lined up to electrocute them. » Bird Zapper! Coming to iOS and Android Devices