Dec 18

YouTube has just launched a new app called Capture, this app makes it easier for users to shoot and share video. The Capture app allows you to quickly and easy record movies, add some color correction, stabilization, trimming, and music tracks, as well as the ability to share videos on YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. » Capture App: Easily Film & Share Videos On YouTube

Dec 13

Earlier we already wrote that Apple had Launched the iTunes store in 56 new countries including Russia, Turkey and India. Now Appleinsider reported that Apple on Wednesday activated iTunes movie sales in 42 new countries. “AppleInsider readers have reported that movies are now available through iTunes in various countries, such as South Africa, but many stores are only showing films from Disney, Sony and their subsidiaries.” iTunes Store users now have access to movies in the following newly-added countries: » iTunes Movies Now Available In 42 Newly-Opened Stores

Apr 20

Finally, watch FREE movies on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. THE DA VINCI CODE. BIG DADDY. GHOSTBUSTERS. SNATCH and hundreds more: full-length, uncut and FREE. Plus, top rated TV series like SEINFELD. Crackle is one of the fastest growing digital entertainment networks, offering quality movies and TV series from Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Classics and more. Crackle is available via web, mobile, gaming systems and set-top boxes. Crackle is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. » Watch FREE Movies On Your iPhone With Crackle!

May 15

iPad Video Stats
monitored online video around the Internet and found out that 26 percent of the movies on the web can be played on the iPad because these movies are encoded in H.264 or HTML 5. 26 percent doesn’t sound like that much but just a view months ago “in January” only 10% could be played on the iPad, that’s a pretty big growth. » 26% Of Web Videos Is iPad-Ready

Jul 19

idive300Sometimes people come with thinks and you think like when will I ever need it. Take the iDive300 from H2O Audio for example. It’s a solid waterproof case for the iPod, making it possible to watch movies in the deep blue sea. » Watch Movies On The iPod In The Deep Blue Sea

Feb 03

stuffradar This new version is a free update to Synium’s popular media organizer for the iPhone and iPod touch. StuffRadar tracks your Music CDs, Movies, Books and Games. StufRadar finds the titles you own, and those you still want to buy. Everything, detailed information, personal rating and price is intuitively presented. StuffRadar also keeps track of items the user has borrowed or lent.
» App Store – StuffRadar 2

May 08

OrbLive is a new app released on the installer.
It let’s you stream all your music, video’s, pictures and live TV from anywhere in the world.
How does it work?
You need to install the server application on to your desktop (the one where all your media files are located), and you need the client app on your iPhone.
» Stream your music, video’s and more with Orblive

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