Jul 08

mobistar announced the iphone 3g today. As expected the prices are high. The 8gb version will cost 525€ and the 16gb will take 615€ out of your savings account. The iphones will be sold unlocked and without any contract. Mobistar has a full 7.2mbit hspda network that will support the iPhone 3g. The iphone 3g will be sold exclusively in mobistar centres and at Apple premium resellers starting from 11th of july. Mobistar also announced several tarif plans for use with the iphone 3g.
» mobistar belgium announces iPhone 3g

Jun 17

A friend just mailed me this little news. It appears that the Belgian Flag is back on the list of Countries that will be getting the iPhone 3G on the 11th of July. Is this an error or not? I do have some unconfirmed news that Mobistar (Belgians iPhone 3G provider) is currently trying to get everthing ready to launch the iPhone 3G. Will this be the case? We will soon find out.
» Belgium back on the 11th july iPhone 3G list ?

Jun 11

It’s official in Belgium also. The carrier of choice Mobistar, has opened their iPhone 3G portal. For now there’s not much information available but you can enter your e-mail and Mobistar will contact you when there’s new information available. More information can be read here.

May 25

Ok this one is for our Belgian visitors so i’ll keep it in dutch.

De volgende mailing is mij toegezonden geweest van intern bij Proximus.

» Belgacom Proximus iPhone?