Jun 14

Paysage-off is a new tool that will disable the accelerometer when using safari. Basically this means that when you enable paysage-off and you turn your iPhone or iPod touch, the screen will remain in portrait mode. This might be handy when you browse webpages and you are in bed.
» Paysage-off – A iPhone safari accelerometer enabler/disabler

May 11

MyMedia is a application developed by StudioPSK. The application is an extension to Safari.
The app gives you the possibility to save all media you watch within Safari.
On first hearing about this app, i thought it was going to be another MXtube clone, but this one isn’t.

My Media is an application born on the idea of MxTube and developed by Percuss to retrieve audio and video files played on Safari and Youtube. The application will record at the time of the first visit and allows then to save these files in your iPhone.

» MyMedia 0.89 (saving safari media files)