May 18

FileBrowser is a new app from StephanBayer that let’s you browse your files on your iPhone.
You can open your local Word, pdf and html files.
Another nice feature is the posibility to manage your files via your pc’s or mac’s browser over wifi.
» FileBrowser 1.01B (updated to version FileBrowser 1.2)

May 06

Touchpad Pro lets you wirelessly control your PC or Mac through your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can use it to advance slides in a presentation, control your media center, check e-mail — whatever a regular touchpad and keyboard can do. It’s got various features that you really have to see to believe. With ScreenView, you can now see what’s happening on your screen and control your computer even if you’re miles away.
So far the official word from there website.
» Touchpadpro control your computer and media from anywhere

Apr 24

This must be one of the strangest woman i know..
Watch her explain why mac is bad and why and iPhone is just an iphone.
It’s hilarious


Apr 21

One of the most annoying things in the whole Apple iPod world, must be that you can only sync your iPhone or iPod with 1 pc or Mac.

Most of us do own multiple systems and have different music on both systems.
So what do you do? Erase your iPhone or iPod every time you need to sync ?
Noooo, use SwapLibrary instead.

The app let’s you have 2 library’s filled with Music, Video’s and Photos from different pc’s or Macs.
And it’s so easy to use..

Aint that what we all need ..
» Need to sync your iPhone/iPod touch with more than 1 computer ? Use SwapLibrary

Apr 05

I’ve updated the firmware page with all released firmwares for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

As a little extra, i also added where you can download the latest releases of iTunes for Mac and PC.

you never know when you’ll need it ;)

Apr 02

This is not really iPhone related news, but as i’m on the job and i don’t have so much time posting new iPhone or iPod touch app or game reviews, i thought this might be nice as a little break.


Apple just released 2 new video’s today.?�

» 2 Apple “Get a Mac” ads released today.

Mar 30

Let me first explain what Pwnage is.
Pwnage is the tool made by the iPhone Dev Team.

It’s sole purpose is to hack the iPhone/ iPod touch so you can run your own modified firmware on it.
Pwnage patches the bootloader so you can run unsigned code.
This is a very big achievment for the development community, as now, we can run anything on our precious litle iPhone or iPod touches.
So what’s so different about Pwnage and Ziphone?

Ziphone hacks and opens current firmware so we can run our installer and insert our non Apple aproved simcards.
» Pwnage Tool Delayed

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