Dec 12

OMG! is Apple mad!? This picture on the side is the Apple logo and the Victoria School of Business logo, i want your opinion (The Viewers) Do these logos look the same? I could be Using a Mac (with the Apple logo on it) on Safari looking at this at schools logo, and not even THINK about Apple!!! I think Apple needs to cool their jets! This school is a Technology school, and they don’t even use Macs, they advertise Windows Products. To read more about this iLawsuit take a look at » Apple sues school for Logo copyright?

Sep 16

Apple has started offering the Back to School promo for U.K. customers. The new promotion started today, just as the U.S. promotion ended. » Apple Back to School promo for U.K. customers

Sep 13

Just merely after i posted the update from the iPhone Dev-Team regarding a upcoming Pwnagetool 2.1 and QuickPwn 1.1 release, they have released it. Unfortunately for now they’ve only released a Mac version of QuickPwn1.1 and Pwnagetool 2.1. Another big change compared to previous releases is that the team released their both tools via BitTorrent instead of direct download links (updated with mirrors)! check the full post after the break. Ps: thanks iPhone-Dev team!!
» PwnageTool and QuickPwn for 2.1 Firmware (MAC ONLY)

Jun 23

NotepadSync is a upcoming application for the AppStore. The app only has compatibility for Mac and the iPhone, for now no Windows support. The app will allow you to create notes on your iPhone (with the ability to write text anywhere on the screen) and seamlessly do the same on your Mac. All the changes will be synchronized in both ways. The Notes will be stored in the cloud, and will be updated when changes occur either on the iPhone or iPod touch or on your Mac.
» AppStore – NotepadSync (sync your iPhone notes)Mac Only

May 28

The following screenshot popped up when someone found it in a images directory on After studying it briefly, we came to the conclusion it had to do something with the new Mac AppStore that is coming up. It looks like some profile setup for the iphone.

In March 2008, Apple announced they wanted to control the sale and distribution of applications for the iphone and ipod touch. The applications would be distributed in a so called Application Store, Apple is going to launch. CEO Steve Jobs described App Store as “an application we’ve written to deliver apps to the iphone. And we’re going to put it on every single iphone with the next release of the software.” » First AppStore Screenshot??

May 24

I already wrote some things about FileBrowser the brainchild of Stephan Bayer.
It seems like he’s working day and night on this app…

Today i found version 1.7 (1.6) in the installer and it really adds a lot of new functions since my last review, it even add a txt editor, just like I requested in my previous post :)

You can set permissions, copy, unZip, paste and delete files. Edit and create txt documents. E-mail files from on your iPhone.

» FileBrowser 1.7 (how to)

May 19

I wrote you guys about FileBrowser 1.1 a few days ago, well it seems that Stephan Bayer is unstoppable for the moment, he released version 1.2 this morning and this evening version 1.3. UPDATE to version 1.4 check updated down

What’s new in version 1.2 ?
I briefly updated the original post this morning.
The Settings now allow you to change the HOME directory to your preference and the app now let’s you patch Safari automatically to open local files like (pdf, doc and xls)
» Filebrowser 1.3/1.4 let’s you copy, edit, paste and search your iPhone

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